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South Stone - Wall panels in ABS faux stone 3D effect 100x60cm x 0.6mm

South Stone - Wall panels in ABS faux stone 3D effect 100x60cm x 0.6mm

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ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic panels are used for interior decoration. Thanks to their positive qualities and properties, they can be used to finish the walls of commercial and residential premises, in environments with high humidity or exposed to high temperatures. Modern production allows you to create PVC panels of any type, with a wide variety of textures and colors. The low thickness and flexibility of the panels make them easy to install, even on uneven walls. With their use, you can even hide small defects in the walls. Thanks to these properties such as resistance to humidity, the "Pietra SOUTH STONE" ABS panels do not require particular care after application. It is enough to clean the surface of dirt and dust with a damp cloth, so that they return to their original appearance again. The " SOUTH STONE " panels offer many opportunities in room decoration. They can cover all the walls of the room, or just a part of the wall. The color combination and texture of the " SOUTH STONE " panel make it perfect for finishing corridors, balconies or bathrooms. Imitation of slate will be well combined with materials such as wood and brick.
Wall cladding panels

Material: PVC

Installation: assembly glue (Pattex millechiodi, Polymax) installation is quick and easy, the product fits together without the need for joints and grouting

Suitable for: interior

Thickness: 0.6mm

3D: 2 to 10 mm

Application tools: Cutter and/or scissors, ruler, assembly glue

Difficulty level: Amateur

Cleaning: With a damp cloth or neutral detergents

Ideal use: Covering mould, covering repaired walls, redeveloping work environments, restyling bars, offices and commercial premises, setting up theaters and various scenography, furnishing event stands, and trade fairs with great visual impact.

Redevelop walls with old damaged wallpaper, shower coverings, kitchen coverings.

Why choose this product:

· economic

· great visual impact

· very simple application

· you don't need a professional applicator

· no professional tools are needed to cut and apply

· it can be cut with a simple cutter or scissors

· low thickness

· does not fear humidity

· it can be washed with a damp cloth or neutral detergents

· waterproof

· not dirty

· quick to apply

· immediate result

· use of very few tools: cutter and/or scissors, assembly glue, ruler

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