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CountryWood WOODEN board - treated with the Yakisugi CALICO Light Burn method - size 30x2x203 cm KIT of 10 pieces

CountryWood WOODEN board - treated with the Yakisugi CALICO Light Burn method - size 30x2x203 cm KIT of 10 pieces

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Welcome to the world of Paulownia wood products from the CountryWood line, where lightness and resistance meet to create long-lasting and versatile solutions for your design and DIY projects. Our ultra-light wooden planks and slats are available in various sizes to adapt to your needs for coverings, products and indoor and outdoor works.

Characterized by the Japanese YAKISUGI technique, our products are treated with cooked linseed oil and protective vitrifier for wood which give them superior resistance to atmospheric agents. This double treatment not only protects the wood from humidity and from the attack of fungi and bacteria, but also gives it notable water repellency and resistance to extreme temperature changes.

Our products find application in a wide range of sectors:

- Internal and external coverings: Perfect for walls, ceilings and floors, our products add a natural and rustic touch to any environment, while at the same time resisting external atmospheric agents.

- Construction of fences and railings: The lightness and resistance of Paulownia wood make it ideal for the construction of fences and railings, adding a touch of elegance and durability to your outdoor space.

- Creating settings with a country finish: whether furnishing a country cottage or creating a rustic atmosphere in a city house, our products offer the perfect combination of country charm and durability.

Choose CountryWood products for a design that lasts over time and adapts to every need, the CALICO line with warm tones deriving from a light carbonization of the natural grain of this clean and knot-free wood, or the Dark Carbon line with a carbonization of over 90% of the surface which gives the wood the natural elegance of the black color as well as phenomenal water repellency.

Information notes on Yakisugi

Yakisugi, also known as Shou Sugi Ban, is an ancient Japanese wood treatment technique that consists of carbonizing the external surface of the wood. This process occurs through the application of direct flames to the wood, followed by rapid cooling and brushing to remove residual ash. The result is a charred wood that exhibits a number of unique properties.

This treatment gives the wood remarkable resistance to fire, decay and insects, making it particularly suitable for outdoor applications such as decking, fences, flooring, garden furniture and even architectural structures. Additionally, Yakisugi adds a natural beauty to the wood, with an elegant finish and distinctive texture that varies depending on the degree of charring.

Due to its protective and aesthetic properties, Yakisugi has become increasingly popular in sustainable design and construction applications. It is particularly appreciated for its durability and its low environmental impact, as it does not require the use of harmful chemicals.

For those looking for a unique and durable alternative for DIY and DIY projects, the Yakisugi offers a versatile and durable solution that combines aesthetics and functionality.

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