Il pannello finto mattone FOCOLARE di Signorbit, un'affascinante evocazione del mattone antico

The FOCOLA faux brick panel by Signorbit, a fascinating evocation of ancient brick

The FOCOLARE model resin-coated EPS panel by Signorbit is a masterpiece that transforms walls into works of art. Its visual strength and antique red tone create a welcoming and rustic atmosphere. This versatile panel is perfect for decorating and covering walls in living or recreational environments.

Unique Design and Quality: The HEARTBREAK embodies the aesthetic of antique brick, with a wealth of detail that adds depth and character to your walls. The antique red shade gives a touch of warmth, making the rooms welcoming and evocative.

Suitable for Different Settings: The versatility of the FIREPLACE panel is best expressed in rustic or modern contexts. It is ideal for transforming living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens or leisure areas, adding a touch of authenticity without sacrificing contemporary style.

Easy and Safe Application: Application of the panel is simple thanks to its lightweight design and ease of cutting. The surface resin protects the walls from UV rays and salty air, making the FIREPLACE also perfect for maritime environments.

Thermal Insulation and Unique Aesthetics: In addition to the decorative aspect, the panel offers effective thermal insulation, improving living comfort. It combines business with pleasure, ensuring a welcoming and energy efficient environment.

Long Lasting and Minimal Maintenance: Made with high quality materials, the FIREPLACE retains its beauty over time. Maintenance is minimal, allowing you to enjoy its elegance for a long time without worries.

Personalization and Creativity: The FIREPLACE can be customized in size, allowing it to be adapted to specific needs. Creativity finds free rein in its use, allowing you to create unique and personal compositions.

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