Pannello in EPS resinato modello COLORADO WHITE di Signorbit, nuova vita alle pareti

COLORADO WHITE model resin EPS panel by Signorbit, new life on the walls

The COLORADO WHITE model resin EPS panel by Signorbit is a versatile option for decorating walls. Its visual lightness makes it ideal for bright environments, creating harmonious atmospheres. Thanks to the surface resin, it is suitable as a thermal insulation coating in homes in seaside locations, offering protection from UV rays and salty air. Find out more about how this panel can transform your spaces.

Versatility and Visual Lightness: The COLORADO WHITE panel offers a light and modern design solution for decorating walls. Its light shade integrates harmoniously into bright environments, creating a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere.

Suitable for Marine Locations: Thanks to its characteristics, this panel is particularly suitable for thermal insulation cladding in houses located in marine locations. The surface resin protects the walls from the harmful action of UV rays and salty air, ensuring durability and reduced maintenance.

Protection and Style: In addition to its insulating qualities, the COLORADO WHITE panel adds a fresh and modern style to spaces. Its elegant texture and light shade adapt to a variety of environments, allowing for creative customizations.

Creative Applications: Take advantage of the versatility of this panel to create artistic walls or focal points in your interiors. Its ease of installation makes it an affordable option for quickly transforming spaces.

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