Telai in Legno di Paulownia di Signorbit: Leggerezza, Resistenza e Montaggio Effortless per le Tue Opere d'Arte

Signorbit Paulownia Wood Frames: Lightness, Resistance and Effortless Assembly for Your Artworks

Express your creativity with Signorbit's assembled wooden frames, made with ultra-light and resistant paulownia wood slats. In this article, we explore how these frames not only offer lightness and strength, but also make mounting painting canvases a simple and effortless experience.

The Magic of Paulownia:

Signorbit's paulownia wood frames bring with them the magic of an extraordinary wood. Paulownia, known for its light weight without compromising strength, is the ideal choice to ensure your frames are easy to manage and long-lasting.

Lightness and resistance in a single product:

The lightness of paulownia makes Signorbit frames perfect for artists looking for support without the added weight. The strength of the wood ensures that your masterpieces are anchored to a solid surface, ready for safe display.

Easy Tapping for Canvas Mounting:

Ease of tapping is a distinctive feature of Signorbit's paulownia wood frames. With intelligent and precise design, mounting canvases becomes child's play, saving artists time and effort.

Versatility in Design:

Signorbit's assembled frames not only offer convenience, but also versatility in design. Available in various sizes, they allow you to personalize your artwork, offering tailored support for your creative expression.

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