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Sound-absorbing panel - 50x50 cm, thickness 4.7 cm

Sound-absorbing panel - 50x50 cm, thickness 4.7 cm

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N.04 anthracite gray panels in sound-absorbing foam / acoustic foam. Single panel format 50 x 50 x 4.7 cm
Application areas:
- as a padding insert for tool and instrument cases, gun bags, fishing boxes, sound insulation mats
- construction of speaker cabinets
- for acoustic insulation or for soundproofing or dampening band practice rooms, music recording studios, etc. - computer modeling, so that the PC becomes silent - packaging of electronic components, circuit boards, etc.: (from the production hall to the garage)
- Public facilities: (hospitals, schools, kindergartens, medical clinics)
- Companies: (music studios, open spaces/small offices, conference rooms
- Lifting systems, stairs, restaurants, discos, dance schools, etc.: Swimming pool pumps, heat pumps, diesel engines, compressors and much more.
- Internal areas: Roof/cellar, rehearsal rooms, singing rooms, music rooms,
- Impact sound insulation, sound insulation of doors/windows, nearby rooms and much more)

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