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ALGAE - DELIMINATOR DanyFan - Modular screen - 98x108cm - in Wood and PVC

ALGAE - DELIMINATOR DanyFan - Modular screen - 98x108cm - in Wood and PVC

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DANYFAN is a modular structure for exteriors and interiors, ideal for furnishing and delimiting exclusive spaces.

The ultra-light and resistant structure is completely handcrafted, using sanded single-layer paulownia solid blockboard boards and strips and numerically controlled expanded PVC sheets.

Each module is 108 cm high, 98 cm wide and has a thickness of 10 cm, while the entire structure rests on a solid 70x50 cm base which makes it very stable;

furthermore, to increase its stability there is the possibility of inserting a vase with decorative plants or flowers (not included in the structure) into the base housing which measures 53x30 cm.

This practical modular divider lends itself to the decorative delimitation of both internal and external environments, useful for dividing spaces within rooms, corridors, offices, and above all places with outdoor spaces such as bars, gardens, public swimming pools and private and waterfront recreational and refreshment spaces.

For outdoor uses we recommend both the addition of the pot to increase stability and the treatment with a protective water-repellent wood impregnator.

The modular self-supporting DanyFAN Delimiter solution solves the problem of the impracticality of fixed structures, where the need to create a division or delimitation of spaces is daily or seasonal rather than permanent.

The decorative models of the interior of the structure can be chosen from the vast range of designs offered, in the two white or black color variants.

Inside the structure there is a groove for the insertion of LED strips (not included), to enhance the scenic effect of the decorative modules at night.

• Measures 98cm base x 108cm height and 50cm depth

• Material: Wood; PVC, screws and hidden metal nails

• Material thickness: Wood 20mm/40mm - PVC 10mm

• space for holding pots or planters 53x30 cm

• PVC panel 94cm x 47cm

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