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BRUSHED SILVER - Wide base 122cm adhesive decorative film

BRUSHED SILVER - Wide base 122cm adhesive decorative film

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What are wrap-bit adhesive films?

Practically a range of multi-surface adhesive films, designed to be easy to apply even for those who have little dexterity and are not professional applicators.

What finishes can be found with wrap-bit films?

The finishes are varied, ranging from wood effects to marble, from concrete to spatula finishes, from flat colors of various colors to fabrics and metallic finishes.

How are wrap-bit films made?

Wrap-bit films are melted PVC polymers with high elasticity and tensile strength, with a very consistent thickness, 180 microns, double that of a normal monomeric PVC film. The standard width of the rolls is 122 cm, therefore each linear meter of film develops a net surface area of ​​1.22 square metres.

Why is it so easy to apply wrap-bit adhesive films?

Because the wrap-bit films are all easy to apply and bubble free, in most finishes the back of the film is channeled, i.e. it has a system of micro channels that allows air to escape easily and avoids the formation of bubbles. This construction detail also makes them easy to reposition.

What does repositionable film mean?

It means that there is no longer any risk of making a mistake in the application and having to throw away the material, so no worries even for the less experienced. In fact, wrap-bit films, in addition to having high resistance and elasticity, can also be detached and reattached from the surface several times, until correct positioning is obtained. If even a small crease comes out during application, it can easily be pulled and repositioned, even simply with your hands and without using a spatula.

What can be covered with wrap-bit adhesive films?

Practically almost everything, the limit is your imagination... With wrap-bit adhesive films you can cover furniture, doors, desks, tables, windows, walls and walls, glass, cars (car wrapping), motorbikes and bicycle frames, bar and restaurant counters and everything you want to renovate without having to replace it. Wrap-bit films have a wide choice of colors also for use as wallpaper, with the advantage that compared to wallpaper they are much easier to install, they are waterproof and can also be washed with detergent soaps. They don't need glue, and therefore don't get messy. These films are an element comparable to the contents of every hobbyist's toolbox, a valid support both for do-it-yourself for domestic work and for extensive professional use.

Why are wrap-bit adhesive films also suitable for professional use?

Because they are highly mouldable if they are heated with a heat gun; a professional applicator will be able to make the most of the elasticity of the polymers to conform the films to even very complicated shaped objects, in fact by heating them they can stretch by more than 50% of their original size. The wrap-bit films are very resistant to heat, and are flame retardant in class 1, therefore suitable for both private and public use.

What are the recommended tools for applying wrap-bit adhesive films?

For the less experienced, all you need is a normal plastic-felt spatula, which Plastiwood always gives with every purchase, and a good quality cutter, possibly with a 30° tip, and for the more experienced, even a heat gun to work on more complicated surfaces.

Why buy wrap-bit films?

Because after months of research and stress tests carried out by our expert applicators, we have selected the best companies and products with a high quality-price ratio, and Plastiwood positions itself on the market with the usual guarantee of Quality that distinguishes it. The wrap-bit adhesive laminates come to the aid of both Interior Designers, to help them give vent to their imagination, even with limited budgets. Thanks to these films it will be simple and economical to change the color of fixtures, doors, tables and your kitchen. etc. Wrap-bit adhesive coverings are a sort of evolution compared to traditional wrapping: they are real laminates and can be applied not only to walls but also to furniture and any specially treated surface. This makes them particularly suitable for the restyling of bars, shops, restaurants, pharmacies, gyms, hairdressers, accommodation facilities and any other type of commercial activity because they are able to renovate the interiors in a more complete and captivating way, giving, at the same time, new life to furniture

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