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SQUARE STICK - 40pcs For DIY - Model making - Ultralight - 8X8X250mm

SQUARE STICK - 40pcs For DIY - Model making - Ultralight - 8X8X250mm

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Ultra-light and resistant slim sticks in Paulownia wood with square section suitable for DIY and architectural modelling, collected in a bundle of 40 pieces. Single stick size 8mm wide - 8mm thick - 25cm long.

Paulownia Light Wood is classified as VEGETABLE ALUMINUM due to its low dry weight of only 270 kg/cubic meter and its high resistance to bending.

It is enough to know that spruce, one of the lightest multipurpose woods that exist, in comparison has a minimum starting weight of 350 kg/cubic meter and a significantly lower degree of dry elasticity,

the Paulownia Light Wood fiber is in fact very resistant and elastic.

Being a fast-growing plant, after natural drying it loses much of its weight but retains much of its flexibility characteristics, which makes sanding and other types of processing very easy.

These unique characteristics make this ultra-light and resistant wood very versatile, it is in fact used in various sectors, furniture, DIY, aeronautical, construction and even as biomass.

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