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Captain America - 3D wall stickers for children's bedrooms

Captain America - 3D wall stickers for children's bedrooms

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3D wall effect PVC sticker for wall decoration. Measurement: 150cm base x 100cm height. Our wall stickers are made with 100 micron adhesives, with wall glue, protected on the surface with an anti-scratch and anti-reflective matt lamination. the precision carving is made with numerical control plotters. The adhesive stickers are shipped rolled and protected in very resistant tubes and cardboard cores to be protected during transport.
Before applying the adhesive film, make sure that the surface of the wall is smooth and free of imperfections, grains, paint residues and dust, then we recommend using a soft plastic spatula to adhere the film to the wall. After 24 hours the glue will begin to polymerize completely on the wall and the adhesion will become perfectly stable.
To be applied on walls with a smooth and clean surface

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