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DAKOTA STONE - Faux stone panel in resin-coated EPS Measurement 100x50 cm Thickness 2 cm

DAKOTA STONE - Faux stone panel in resin-coated EPS Measurement 100x50 cm Thickness 2 cm

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The INSULATING internal and external EPS polystyrene faux brick effect cladding panels can be used on both internal and external facades and have dimensions of 100x50x2cm.
In addition to their decorative and aesthetic appearance, faux brick resinated polystyrene panels with a rough finish contribute to the thermal and acoustic insulation of walls, facades and walls and can be applied to all surfaces, painted or rough, using good glues for tiles, we recommend MAPEI Mapetherm AR1 and KERAKOLL Keraklima ECO adhesives for both indoor and outdoor applications, while, exclusively indoors only, for practicality it is also possible to use the best cartridge mounting glue on the market, such as Pattex Millechiodi and the Saratoga with the American.
The reconstructed faux brick resinated polystyrene panels are specially treated on the surface with a compound of extremely hard resins, formulated to resist impacts, (compressive strength index 0.313 Mpa, corresponding to 3.13 kg per square centimeter), they do not lose their insulating properties over time and are extremely durable as they are tested to resist UV rays and bad weather.
We have many models available, with colors that are suitable for different environments and different home and furnishing styles. Our reconstructed faux brick resinated polystyrene panels are practical and economical, the ideal solution for providing thermal and acoustic insulation at the same time, decorating a wall with taste, renovating an environment and defeating mold problems. Speaking of homes, especially in basements and under stairs, humidity represents a problem that usually results in the harmful consequence of the bacterial invasion of mold, mold is harmful to health and must be fought.
Our heat-insulating panels in high density resinated polystyrene with a fake reconstructed brick effect are the point of arrival in the fight against mold on walls, in fact if the application is done immediately after a good antibacterial treatment, the panels will be able to confine the mold for years . Moving on to the aesthetic aspect, we can say that our faux brick panels reconstructed in high density polystyrene are used in apartments, villas, restaurants, gyms, fitness centres, recreational clubs, sports clubs, television studios and theatres. In addition to wall decoration, these panels are used for scenography, for franchising shops and for various types of businesses open to the public. We have more than 10 different references in stock ranging from white to classic red, from country style to urban style and to old New England style bricks, classics of the walls of buildings in American cities on the East Coast and of ancient Boston universities. There is no shortage of typical Italian-style brick colours, with the colors of the classic Italian village, the lava lands of southern Italy and the warm tones of Etruscan brick.
Like all our products for wall decoration, even the 3D faux brick panel absolutely does not require specialized labor, DIY is almost the rule in this case too, the application only requires a few hours of patience and a few tools , anyone can do it.

Product Features:

• Provides thermal, acoustic and moisture insulation.

• Suitable as an insulating panel.

• Suitable for outdoors.

• 3D effect.

• Does not need treatment.

• Can be applied to all painted or raw surfaces.

• Easy to apply.

• The surface resin is extremely durable.

• Stops humidity.

• Economic.

• Maintains its insulation function over time.

• Does not contain toxic gases.

• Does not produce bacteria.

• It has a class B1 flame retardant surface.

• It can also be painted.

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