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DEKOPLAST Curva railing mod. ANDORIA

DEKOPLAST Curva railing mod. ANDORIA

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Signorbit's DEKOPLAST high density PVC railing modules represent an innovative and high quality solution for the protection and beautification of the perimeter of homes and other residential complexes. Made of 800 kg/m3 high-density PVC in matt black, with a thickness of 20 mm. The DEKOPLAST modules are of two types, the rectangular which measures 118x90 cm and the curved which measures 118x118 cm. These modular fences are designed to guarantee resistance and long life over time and to reduce routine maintenance.
These fence modules not only provide security, but also add a touch of modernity and elegance to the outdoor environment. Customers can install them independently without having to resort to the labor of a professional, saving time and money, just purchase the metal supports that we offer for fixing separately.
The metal modules (SOLD SEPARATELY) for fixing the DEKOPLAST PVC railing modules are available in three types, each designed to make installation as easy as possible.
(see the specific description included in the article SUPPORTS FOR DEKOPLAST PVC RAILING MODULES)
The DEKOPLAST PVC modules are easy to insert inside the metal fins, which are already equipped with a stop for housing the panel. The metal profiles are pre-drilled to make insertion and drilling of the DEKOPLAST PVC module as easy as possible, as well as the accommodation of the four locking bolts, which are already included in the package.
The fischers for fixing the plates are excluded.
In addition to functionality and ease of assembly, DEKOPLAST PVC railing modules offer a vast choice of designs, including customisable ones, allowing customers to adapt the fence to their own taste and the specific aesthetic needs of the home. The versatility and elegance of the DEKOPLAST PVC railing modules transform the external profile of the house, giving harmony and modernity to the surrounding environment. Furthermore, every single DEKOPLAST PVC module is interchangeable and replaceable, thus giving the possibility of carrying out any restyling over time without having to replace the metal supporting structure. DEKOPLAST PVC railing modules are 100% made in Italy products and are packaged and shipped throughout Europe.

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