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Unbreakable mirror in high density PVC model SCARLETT black color measuring 50x100 cm

Unbreakable mirror in high density PVC model SCARLETT black color measuring 50x100 cm

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Add a touch of elegance and practicality to your home with our unique mirror, designed with a 1cm thick forex structure machined with a numerical control mill and a mirroring surface made of unbreakable plexiglass. This innovative mirror combines modern design and functionality in one exceptional product.

The lightweight yet durable 1cm Forex frame gives this mirror a clean, contemporary look, perfect for any setting. Its high-quality construction makes it ideal for use in home environments, offices, bathrooms, or any space where you want to reflect your unique personality.

The shatterproof plexiglass mirror surface not only offers a clear and sharp reflection, but is also incredibly robust and impact-resistant. This mirror does not shatter, minimizing the risk of accidental injury. It is the perfect choice for families with children or for high-traffic environments.

The compact size of this mirror makes it suitable for any wall or area in your home. You can easily hang it or place it on a surface, depending on your design preferences. It is an ideal complement to beautify your space and reflect natural light, making the environment brighter and more welcoming.

Choose a product that combines aesthetics, functionality and safety. Our mirror with forex structure and unbreakable mirrored plexiglass is the perfect solution to meet your daily needs and enrich your environment with a touch of style without compromising your peace of mind.

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