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Tensile canvas 70x95 cm - Edward Hiks Freedom

Tensile canvas 70x95 cm - Edward Hiks Freedom

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Enhance your artistic vision with the 70x95 cm Tensotela printed on canvas, enriched by latex printing technology and finished with an elegant hemp cord. This work combines the precision of latex printing, which gives liveliness to colors and sharp details, with the versatility of canvas, creating a unique piece that catches the eye.

Latex technology offers exceptional color rendering, guaranteeing a vibrant and long-lasting range of colours. The fine texture of the canvas adds depth and texture to the image, transforming every detail into a sensory experience. The natural hemp weave used for the cord gives a rustic and eco-friendly touch, completing the artistic aesthetic of the work.

With its dimensions of 70x95 cm, this Tensotela becomes the ideal focal point to enrich any environment. It transmits an atmosphere of warm elegance, adding a distinctive touch to your home or creative space. Experience the harmony between modern technology, high-quality materials and the timeless charm of art with this Tensotela that stands out for style and refinement."

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