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THAI - Decorative modules in wood and PVC

THAI - Decorative modules in wood and PVC

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MODULO DECORLEGNO, IN WOOD AND PVC is a decorative furnishing divider element, composed of a solid PVC panel framed and fixed between two polished wooden frames. The wood is an ultralight solid paulownia with rounded edges.

The total thickness of the composite module is 47 mm for the 48x48 cm modules and 64 mm for the 73x148 cm and 98x98 cm modules. The solid PVC found inside the two frames is elegantly worked with high frequency numerical control cutting machinery, to create a great variety of designs and decorative proposals. The modularity of this product allows you to create and decorate large surfaces, such as embellishing walls or creating dividers and delimiting spaces. These modules can be placed both indoors and outdoors, where it is recommended to treat at least the wooden part with a transparent impregnate. The modular decorative dividers are light and practical and adapt very well both to the furnishing of spaces inside the home and in porches, gardens and by the pool and can be fixed with the most varied fixing methods (zippers, articulated connections, spacers wall, etc. )

For outdoor uses, we recommend treatment with a protective water-repellent wood impregnator.

The solution of the modular decorative divider solves the problem of the lack of practicality of fixed structures, where the need to create a division or delimitation of spaces is daily or seasonal rather than permanent.

The decorative models of the interior of the structure can be chosen from the vast range of designs offered, in the two white or black color variants.

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